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Mental Health 

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We take care of your mind

Our Clinical Psychologist provides a range of behavioral and mental health counseling and assessment services including:

Assessment Services

We provide a full range of psychological assessment services for children, adolescents and adults including:

  • Psychological and psychoeducational evaluations

  • Learning disabilities

  • Evaluation of behavioral disorders

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders

  • Evaluations for:

    • Depression and anxiety

    • Bipolar disorder

    • Schizophrenia/thought disorders and personality disorders

    • Dementia/memory problems

    • Relationship problems

  • Evaluations to clarify diagnoses and aid in treatment planning (Diagnostic Evaluation)

  • Psychological evaluation for bariatric surgery

  • Psychological evaluation for pain interventions

  • Substance abuse and addiction assessments



We provide a full range of treatment options for children, adolescents, and adults including individual, group, couples, and family therapy, addressing these and other areas:

  • Depression/Bipolar disorder

  • Thought disorders/psychosis

  • Stress and anxiety management

  • Trauma recovery/Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Drug and alcohol problems/addiction recovery

  • Compulsive spending/gambling

  • Medical and health concerns

  • Eating disorders

  • Chronic emotional difficulties

  • Relationship/interpersonal problems

  • Grief and loss

  • Communication problems

  • Parenting and family issues

  • Adjustment issues

  • Divorce

  • Stepfamily adjustment issues

  • Aging

  • Women's/men's issues

  • Sexual problems

  • Gender identity/sexual orientation issues

  • Smoking cessation, weight loss, healthy lifestyle changes

  • Sports psychology/performance

  • Job dissatisfaction/problems with motivation, efficiency, job "fit"

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